Valeria Tofanelli

MARETERNO is a photographic project by Valeria Tofanelli and Lorenzo Catena focused on Ostia, one of the less known areas of Rome, the city where they both live. The project was born with the intention of eradicating some prejudices that have long been associated to this area and that have prevented from highlighting the potential and beauty of this portion of the capital.
Ostia is the sea of Rome, a 16 km coastline that ends where the Tiber River meets the Mediterranean Sea and where Romans spend free time together, far away from tourist attractions.
Although it is an integral part of Rome, its strong identity and size allow it to be considered as a city within a city. For this reason the relationship with Rome is sometimes controversial, since not everyone considers Ostia as part of the eternal city.
The two authors explore the complexity of this territory admiring the passage of time marked by the alternation of the seasons, finding themselves photographing places apparently abandoned in winter, waiting for the summer crowds to come back to animate them.
During their long journeys along the last inhabited strip of Rome, they often let themselves be guided by chance, which led them to discover many very different stories, each characterized by the different way of living the relationship with the sea: for leisure, for choice or necessity.
The result was an engaging human experience that allowed them to discover realities unknown to both, despite being in their backyard.

Published by Eyeshot

Editor: Marco Savarese

Introduction by Melissa Breyer

Photos by Valeria Tofanelli and Lorenzo Catena

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